LANE COVE DRIVING SCHOOL Lessons in Lane Cove & surrounding suburbs



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10 Hours of Driving Lessons

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20Hours of Driving Lessons

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100 Hours of Driving Lessons

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Sit back and relax knowing that your logbook will be completed without having to ask anyone else for help!! Develop the right habits and superior defensive driving skills by having professional lessons from the start. 


Parking Specialist

Pass your driving Test 1st Go

 Most students get 100% 1st Go!

Lane Changing Made Easy

About Us

Qualified Instructors

Lane Cove Driving School provide quality driving lessons guaranteed to give even the most nervous driver more confidence and capabilities. 

Whether you are a complete beginner, about to go for your P's, changing from an international licence, need to brush up on your parking skills and road rules or just need a few tweaks to boost your confidence, our friendly female instructor will make you feel at ease and tailor your lesson to suit.  

We also understand how hard it is to find time to learn to drive when you have young children so we are proud to say that too your little ones  we reso we  so we are proud to say that we are here for you too! It is beneficial to keep your lessons regular and not too far apart in to ensure that you progress quickly and confidently. If you cant find someone to look after your little ones then you may brimg them along. OurYour instructor is  an

Driving lessons in Lane Cove and surrounding areas.

Lessons for Beginners

Learning to drive can be stressful, especially on our busy Sydney roads. Our vehicles are dual control so students can relax and concentrate on learning, knowing they are in safe hands.      

We have carefully selected streets and areas for lessons so that stress is kept to a minimum and progression can be maximised.      

Our instructors are extremely experienced, knowledgable, calm and encouraging and will happily provide many great tips for learners and their supervising drivers to help keep the stress levels down while practising in your own time.

Pass your test 1st Time with 100% marks

Your instructor will take you through everything you need to know for the test from the manouvres you need to know to the routes you might take. 

With thorough knowledge of Chatswood, Macquarie, Hornsby, Warriewood, Brookvale and Castle Hill RMS testing areas. You will be guided on exactly what to expect on the day so there are no surprises.


If you choose to do your test in your instructors car will also have a 1, 1.5 or 2 hour lesson immediately prior to you test - we find this invaluable to achieving top marks and passing the 1st attempt. 

Parking Specialist

Parking is easy! At least it will be after you have a lesson with us! There are so many methods out there that only work with certain size cars and then at some point you may be told to just "feel it" when it's right, however, there IS a CORRECT PARKING METHOD that WORKS EVERYTIME! 

Whether you are a beginner or have been driving for years, a brush up on parking can change your life. We start parking lessons from the first lesson when you buy a package and build on them every lesson from then onwards so you can be confident to park anywhere, anytime, regardless of the traffic conditions. 

Remove the stress of parking and book a lesson now.

Confidence Building

More and more we have students that already have their licence but haven't driven for years, if not decades due to various reasons such as living in the city so close to tranport, your partner has always been designated driver, haven't had access to a car or you were just never confident enough. Get your freedom! Don't be afraid anymore, become one with the road - your instructor will show you methods and processes so you know that you can be confident and capable to drive anywhere.

International Licence Drivers

Whether you are just visiting Australia and want to feel safe while driving or if you have moved here and are looking to get your Australian licence, it is probably a good idea to have a couple of lessons... Yes, we do have more rules than any other country, but we definitely have fewer and less severe accidents than anywhere else. So while we all complain about these rules, at least we are actually here to complain!!     

If you have moved here from another country and need a bit of a brush up and/or possibly a few pointers on how to pass your test, we can help you. We understand that you may have been driving without incident for some time but we never stop learning and experience is just that - experience. 

Our instructors are amazing communicators no matter the language.

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