Reviews and Referrals

"Truly gifted teacher" - Michelle, Lane Cove

"I passed my driving test on my first take last November. Thanks to Emily for her guidance, patience and perserverence. She has a systematic way of teaching me all the necessary skills needed to pass the test. Not only did she focus on my weaknesses and the things that i need to polish from my bad habits driving overseas, but she also highlighted my strengths. Her confidence in me that I can do it, gav my self esteem a bit of  boost. Working full time on a rotating shift was made alot easier too with her flexible schedule. I never thought that learning to drive here would be as comfortable and fun as it was. I would definitely give her 2 thumbs up for a job well done! Thanks!" - Zyra, Chatswood

"Worth every penny and then some, invaluable really! Emily's the best teacher I've ever had - Jo, LC

"I recommend Emily to anyone learning to drive - After spending thousands of dollars on other instructors and never really feeling comfortable or confident, I learned more in one lesson with her than I did with all the others put together. I passed my test first time with 100% full marks and couldn't be happier. I have passed her number to dozens of people already!" - Rita, Drummoyne

"Thank you Emily, I can now park anywhere without freaking out! Great method." - Lisa, Willoughby

"Passed my test 1st go, couldn't be happier with this fabulous service!" - Meg, Wahroonga

"My son passed his test first go after having lessons with Emily. He's a better driver than my husband now, so my husband is having a lesson!!" - Emilia, Killara

"I am 45 years old and have struggled to park all my life - I would park blocks away from the shops just so I wouldn't have to park around traffic. I had a couple of lessons with Emily and now I confidently park anywhere - including Military Rd and the city!!! I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted and I am free. Thank you so much Emily." - Linda, Dee Why

"Great Teacher" - Sebastian, Lane Cove

"After the twins both passed their test first time, I had a lesson too!" - Michael, Wahroonga

"Fantastic teacher! Don't go anywhere else! I am now quite happy to have a nap in the car while my daughter or son drive us to the farm (or anywhere!). Great safety tips from Emily, the kids have even taught me a thing or two!  - Steve W, Hunters Hill

I have 26 employees who all have access to company cars. As anyone who has been in a car fleet leasing situation with employees would know there are always incidents - not everyone is up to speed on the rules or necessarily confident with various aspects of driving - There are always incidents from little scrapes to major bingles. I purchased the corporate package for my employees over a year ago and am blown away that we have not had even ONE incident in this time. All new employees now have a lesson with her as part of their training and welcome package. 

- Sarah (GM), Gordon

Super instructor, will use again and have recommended to others who are all pleased.” -Diana, Manly

“I wish my school teachers could teach like you! The way you communicate, your patience,  your ‘can do’ attitude, your positivity, your professionalism and humour at the same time, your ability to teach me using so many different styles, your happy car, your commitment, your thorough explanations of not just ‘what to do’ but ‘why I should’ so things make total sense and last but definitely not least, your methods have opened my eyes. You are the best teacher I’ve had period. After learning to drive with you whilst having so many great chats, I have been getting better marks in school too - you made me think about my learning style and how I (or we all) could be more receptive to different teaching styles at school. Now, if I don’t understand something or find myself frustrated or losing interest in a subject, I think to myself ‘How would Emily explain this?!’. Thank you so so so much, you are one in a million, a blessing.” - Anna, Mosman 

“Wowwww! I thought I was the best driver, I knew all the rules etc... It turns out I had a lot to learn! My workplace had all employees participate in the fleet defensive driver training. My instructor Emily taught me so much in 2 hours, she was really nice, pretty funny and somehow managed to improve this stubborn old man’s super driving skills without making me feel like I had it all wrong to start with (which I kind of did!). My wife and kids thank you - they no longer call me Road Rage Ray! Good job, it can’t be easy!! - Ray, Killara

"Really professional and easy to follow the lesson. Highly recommended" - Paula, North Sydney

"Great friendly service, Yvette wasvery happy with her lesson" - Steve, Hornsby

Very accomodating and experienced instructor in the house!!. Thanks alot Emily! - John, Killara

"Absolutely fantastic, my daughter couldn't be happier!" - Louise, Castle Crag

"My daughter had a 2 hour lesson and went from driving in carparks to drivin on multi lane major roads. We are definitely booking further lessons anwould 100% recommend to other learner drivers" - Kim, Manly